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Receipts more than 1x

Receipts more than 1x

You should be able to submit items from a previous shopping trip if it is in the same week. 

Ex. If you go shopping on Sunday and buy things. You submit a receipt for some of the items you bought. But on Wednesday you look and some of the items you bought on Sunday that were not rebates are now on your list.

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It seems that is already an option if/when the offer/bonus does not have a start date. I have not tried it,  but it is possible to submit a receipt a 2nd time if you missed a offer.

Some offers/bonuses specifically state that purchases before a certain date are excluded. 

I know other grocery apps will deny stating that the offer was not yet valid. Does ibotta do that,  too?

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@What @Snowbaby37 

 I have resubmitted if within 24 hours and it worked, but it did not specifically exclude it as @what said.

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You can submit a receipt more than once within the week for most stores as long as you don't try to claim the same items.

The one exception I know of is Walmart. Once a receipt is scanned, you only have 24 hours to rescan the receipt as long as it is less than 7 days old.