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It would be nice if we could get cash back for generic items also like Great value or Kirkland brands, as well as the name brands. Sometimes I prefer to buy the generic brands over name brands due to they taste better to me and their cheaper.

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Deal Expert

I will agree that store brands are generally cheaper.  However, after Ibotta rebates and coupons and other savings apps, I can get most Brand Name items cheaper than store brands.

If you only shop store brands, you will miss out on lots of savings.  But you can still earn money by redeeming Any Brand rebates.  Most are only $.10, but sometimes they are higher.  And now they count towards bonuses!

Occasionally, Walmart has included Walmart brands in Ibotta, but not very often.  There were a couple offered during the Thanksgiving Dinner offer, for example.  I have also seen Equate cough drops a year or two ago.

If you try to complete bonuses, you are earning a lot more money per item and sometimes they are stacked. 

For me, the just ended Grocery Pickup bonus was $5.00 for 15 items.  That's $.33 per item.  The Cash Back Bouquet bonus is $10 back on 36 items.  That's another $.28 per item.  So, with bonuses, I am earning an additional $.61 for each item.  It can really add up.