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Shopping List Tab w/ a print option

Shopping List Tab w/ a print option

Add all the items I (+) to a general shopping list tab so that when I go shopping I have a list of what I need to buy that has money back. It is too cumbersome to try and scroll to see what I want to buy once I am at the store. If I could print that list at home, it would also be great!

Some stores have very poor internet connection so that makes a shopping trip even longer.

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If you go into the store your buying from and clicked items you will see list of the items you clicked (you can also edit it to buy clicking edit upper right corner of the list then click on the otems you want to remove them click remove) take a screen shot of it and print it

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I know it is old school, but I make a list with pen and paper.  I have a list for each store I plan to shop.

I start with Ibotta for a particular store and go from Dairy all the way to Pets (or Other).  I write down the item, the Ibotta rebate and any coupons or other apps that offer savings for the same item.

When I get to the store, I shop my list.  I use my phone to verify all app offers to make sure they haven't disappeared.  When I put the item in my cart, I cross it off.  If the store I am at doesn't have the item or it is way too expensive, I put an X on the left of the item on my list.

This may not work for everyone, but I find it useful.  I make lists for Walmart, Publix, Walgreens and CVS.  Occasionally, I make a list for Target, but not very often.

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Yes! I love it! If not, I wonder if we can copy/paste it? Honestly,  I've never tried it before. Either way it's a great idea. 

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I do it the exact same way. Wow!!

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How about have it so you can Print it from the website or your computer by selected offer and the store.  Not every store has WiFi available to public and not everyone has unlimited mobile data.  not to mention there are some stores I visit that have poor Cell signals too


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Exactly why I would like to be able to access the offers on my desktop/laptop  -

I like to make a list  with the different products and stores (BC some offers are a different stores )

Then when i'm on my shopping trip I have the list to check see them all  not  try to  scroll and scroll on my phone.

Also, I"m sure it could be because I'm older and my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be but my computer screen is much easier to plan purchases on than the phone..

[too bad it seems that this community system isn't really used by the company  - but rather for people to commiserate about things


Yes!!!  I totally agree. Some stores don’t have adequate internet access and it’s cumbersome to go back and forth the app  to see your Ibotta list.
Let’s hope the devs from ibotta look into this:) 


If I go onto Walmart or Target I put the Item into their list or to the shopping cart and the quantity if there is a minimum and then I open that and I use that because most stars you can organize the list or cart by isles so I am in and out.  I have the ibotta open also so I can scan the UPC bar code to confirm the item and double-check the minimums are met.

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I would like to and go back to an printed list that I can mark off. My phone battery dies to quick and some stores wifi is super slow.