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Shopping list

Shopping list

Would be great (amazing)  if we could automatically create a “shopping list” of selected offers.
I always forget stuff and remember only when it’s time to scan the receipt to redeem.





Rewards Hunter

That would be awesome!

Deal Expert

There is a list of everything you click on. Go into the store if you clicked a rebate it will be on the bottom of the screen in blue that says your list. You can edit the list too.


I can’t believe I missed that! Thank you Dana!


Wow!! I was thinking the same as you Raquel grad.Thanks Dana for that information. I had to go into my app and check it out and your right. Im still thinking it would be more productive to have a seperate shopping list you can make yourself because I add offers even though I may not buy them but will eventually. In my walmart section I have over 200 rebates checked. If I'm able to make my own list and only want to think about picking up  10 rebates in a shopping trip it would be much easier. I think I will submit that idea to Ibotta see what they think.

Deal Sharer

I want to access this from the website rather than the phone so I can print a list and compare it to the  store's ads


I wish there was an option to show all available items for a store in alphabetical order.


This is a great idea!!

Rewards Hunter

@aubreylin  I completely agree with a separate grocery list for daily shopping trips. I just found out yesterday about the option to edit the list! The other issue I have about the list offered now is if you edit to remove an item, it not only takes it off the list, but  “unchecks” it. With my absent minded brain, I may forgot to recheck it later. ” !  I like the idea of a separate “daily shopping list” per store. I have over 500 under my Walmart list!!