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Some Any Item Offers can't be Scanned

Some Any Item Offers can't be Scanned


I have noticed a couple of ANY Item Offers do not have the Check Product Barcode button.  This makes it difficult to determine if the item qualifies for the offer or not.

Example: Any Brand Bottled Water offer does not have the Check Product Barcode button.  I purchased a bottle of LifeWTR and when I submitted my receipt, the app didn't find it.  When I selected the offer, it added it to my receipt submission, but then it wasn't processed, saying "We looked at your receipt and couldn't find products matching the rebates you unlocked."  LifeWtr is definitely bottled water!

I was hoping to scan the UPC twice to take a photo of the item, but there is no way to scan the barcode!

Suggestion:  ALL offers in Ibotta should include the ability to scan the barcode to verify if the offer qualifies and to allow it to be added to receipt scans and submitted for addition to the UPC database for an offer, unless the item doesn't have a UPC. 


Skilled Saver

@mmoore01 I noticed this too. Bought flow water this morning. I couldn’t scan the “any” offer, but I was able to manually select it for redemption. Thankfully it didn’t cause my receipt to be in Pending for long.

Note: last week I bought LifeWtr from Walmart and the “any” matched on its own.

Shopping Enthusiast

Additional comments:  The Any Bottled Water offer mentioned above is under Walmart.  There is another Any Bottled Water offer under The Fresh Market.  This offer has the Check Product Barcode button and the LifeWtr qualifies!

The Check Product Barcode button is missing from the Any Brand Watermelon offer (it doesn't have a UPC to scan) and the Any Brand Hard Seltzer.  I think this last offer needs the button, too.  

Core Shopper

I grabbed the Evamore water from Rouse's (my local grocery store).  The video to unlock the Any Water is for Evamore.  When I scanned the bottle, only the name brand popped up.  But it let me add the any water offer.  When my receipt cleared, of course only the Evamore credited .  So I tried resubmitting, and it keeps coming back as no offer found.  Like, seriously?  This app sure gives one whiplash!

Deal Sharer

I noticed this as well.  I just submitted a ticket because I bought a 6 pack of Nestlé Water to get the any rebate and it didn't auto find it, so I selected it and couldn't scan since it wasn't an option.  On the same receipt, I also had the free Bia strawberry kiwi water offer and scanned the bottle in store which said it matched, but had to pick it after scanning my receipt.  Both offers that I had to pick manually were not credited, but the other two offers that were auto found were. These offers get me my grand slam bonus, so I would like them fixed!

Deal Sharer

In my experience if there is no scan bar it will not attach to any deal.  This has happened to me several times now. Twice on any water  and again on any sunscreen. Very frustrating especially when you need offers to hit your bonus. 

Core Shopper

@Ibottalp  well that could explain why it took me about 4 different bottle purchases over a 2 day span before I got credit. At the time it was like 91 degrees, so I definitely made a few purchases!