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Walmart Grocery Receipts

Walmart Grocery Receipts


I often have issues where an item is accepted as rebate found then I end up not getting credit for said item. It is getting increasingly frustrating as I then have often had to submit a ticket and re-send pics of my receipt and item purchased.  I like that for most retailers I am able to view my receipt submitted via the app but this is not the case for Walmart.  For walmart, can the receipt barcode/number be attached to our submissions to help us track? I'm always fearful I'll resubmit the wrong receipt and cause further issues.

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Yes, that is what happened to me on Saturday. It showed up when I scanned my receipt but I did t get credit for 2 items, so I had to open a ticket.

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Hi I am new to ibotta most times I will be using my android to access ibotta. If this ever which I hope it does not, but if I ever experience this issue would you please provide me the steps to generate a ticket.

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There are several ways to submit a request.

1. If you submitted a receipt, but something was wrong, select the bell on the top right of the Home screen.  Select the activity in question. You can press the question mark in the top right corner and then press Report an Issue.  Unfortunately, you can't attach screenshots or pictures this way, but it will open a request. Because of this, I rarely use this method.  However, you can add additional information using option 2 to an existing request.

2. On the Account screen, press Help.  This will open the request system.  Press the three horizontal lines in the top right and then select Submit a Request.

Once you have selected Submit a Request, you will be presented with a form.  Fill out as much as possible.  The more information you give, the better the support team can help you.  At the bottom, there is a place to attach files.  Be sure to include pictures of your receipt, emails, products in question and possibly UPCs.  I also include screenshots of the rebates and/or bonuses.  Remember, the offers you have are different than other users.  If Ibotta doesn't have enough information, they will request what else they need, but that delays the resolution.

Once you have opened a request, you should get an email with everything you typed in.  You can reply with additional information, if needed.  Do not send replies to Ibotta for status updates.  This will only slow things down.  

It is currently taking a week or more for Support to get to requests.  Be patient.  If you don't get a response of some kind after two weeks, you can add to the original request.  Do not open another ticket.

Hope this helps.

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That happens to me a lot with Food Lion. I select the items and purchase them, but then when I go to redeem the receipt, the store is not listed, so I try using any grocery store, but then I lose a lot of the rebates because they’re not listed on any grocery store. 
I get frustrated because you have to send the receipt and barcodes, which I usually can’t get to because I’ve used the item in question already.

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@Queenmeyerfood lion is link card only. You link your card then click on what you want then go shop for it. That's the only way to get credit at food lion? Did you not see link card at the top when you go into food lion? You can't miss it.

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food lion.jpg@Queenmeyer  see link only


Yes, I’ve done that, but I still find that some items I purchased don’t get credited. For example, a few weeks ago, I purchased Monster drinks, 20 z Pepsi products and milk, all of which had offers listed, yet when I checked out, none of the rebates or the bonus points came through to my account. Granted, it was only about $4.20 or so, but every coin helps. 

Thank you for the information though.