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Walmart Grocery

Walmart Grocery

I know so many of us keep items that we don't want/are out of date/were substituted incorrectly because Ibotta tends to reverse all rebates on a receipt if anything is returned. There's got to be a way to determine if a returned item had a rebate attached to it, and if so, reverse only that rebate. 

Sometimes the pickers at Walmart get things very wrong, and we end up with very expired food items that didn't have a rebate, but we're afraid to return because we don't want the whole receipt reversed. And sometimes the order pickers substitute something they think is the same (for instance, I asked for a package of fresh mozzarella and they substituted Mexican crumbling cheese) but it's clearly not. We keep the item because we're afraid of getting everything reversed. 

Walmart won't ever get better at picking orders if we can't ever tell them they messed up, all because Ibotta will reverse our entire receipt even if a return wasn't an Ibotta item. 

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If you buy your ibotta items on a different transaction than your regular items you won't get reversals. I always do 2 transactions just in case I need to return something and I let the person picking my stuff what I want and to check dates. I've never had to return anything because I give details.

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If I'm doing pickup or delivery, I don't always need enough to do two separate transactions. In store, I always do separate. I'd love to give them instructions like "please check the dates" but there is nowhere to give instructions to the pickers, only the driver. Those (here anyway) are different people. Walmart employees do the picking, and independent contractors do the delivery. 

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I don’t get rebate credits for things that were substituted with something that didn’t have a rebate? I’ve gone in and said I didn’t like the substitute and gotten refunded for that item without any issues from Ibotta as well. Idk about expired items—fortunately I haven’t had that issue yet. If it’s something I’m really concerned about getting the wrong item, I will ask they do not substitute. 

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I think this just happened to me then.  I purchased 2 items and they were not available.  I don’t see anything at all about me having any pending purchases from Walmart!!!!  WTH


WalMart has an option for no substitutions but they have made it harder to find.  I always uncheck allow substitutions for the very reason SJYoung  stated.  It used to be easy to find but they have made so many changes to the order and pickup process that you have to be on the lookout when you check out.  HEB does have the option for comments when you place an order.