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Warning for expiring soon bonus

Warning for expiring soon bonus

I was on the app yesterday and my Bull Dog @ Target bonus was still half finished and there was no countdown to it expiring or anything. I go on there today and nope, it’s gone. Literally every Target in my area was out of stock and if I wanted to use the $4 Target coupon I had to redeem the offer in store. I’ve been watching the darn offer like a hawk to make sure it wouldn’t expire on me. 

1. WHYYY IBOTTTA WHYYY do some offers disappear without the countdown and others get a countdown? 

2. Any way to give a last call for Bonuses if it is completely necessary that they continue to suddenly disappear? Just because what if I’d been at the darn store getting an item, get home, and it’s gone? 

please n thanks

Deal Expert

The manufacture sets the limits once the limit is reached it goes away it doesn't matter if it has an expiration date or not. Especially if it's a popular item.


Oh okay, so the countdown is for the products that didn’t hit their limit before x amount of time?  
Perhaps Ibotta could make the running offer count public, or at least like a 25-50-75% if they don’t want to release how many exact offers are available. Then if you see “75% fulfilled” you know you need to hustle to complete it. Rather than one day being there and next day not. 

thanks for the info though I thought the offers with a countdown were the only ones I needed to worry about 😅