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What you scanned vs what’s pending

What you scanned vs what’s pending

Short of taking a screenshot of everything you’ve scanned, it’s hard to recall what’s missing/wrong on especially large hauls. One redemptions where you took a photo of the receipt, also add a record of what you scanned and what the rebate amount was supposed to be for comparison and tickets. 

Deal Expert

they show that in earnings. click on account scroll to your earnings click on the trip and it shows the offers and if you click on the question mark in the upper right corner you can see your receipt.

Rewards Guide

I don’t mean viewing your receipt (you have a paper copy anyway). I mean a confirmation that you scanned 4 Rao meals but for whatever reason, Ibotta doesn’t have those rebates as pending. 

Rewards Hunter

I have to do this all the time. I love ibotta but if your not paying attention you will be losing a lot of savings. At one point i think i had 13 issues pending for different credits or bonuses that i had not received. Speaking of, make sure your screen shoting the bonuses as well. My camara roll on my phone is filled with these type of pictures. First i go through and select all my potential savings. Then as im shoping via walmart delivery i go to the deal and open it up and screen shot it. This way i know what im expecting back, how many redemptions are allowed, if there are exclusions & if there are product bonuses attatched to the product. I then click on the bonus and screen shot that so i have the same info. I keep those pictures in my phone until i am credited and credited correctly. This way im covering my butt. Especially when im getting big ibotta money back on big hauls. Last week i got back $111 from ibotta through products and bonuses. I want to make sure i get evwrything thats coming my way. This week i have yhe potential to get around the same saving maybe more so im super attentive to every dime 

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