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Wish it would auto search receipts

Wish it would auto search receipts

I have been using ibotta for about 3 years and have earned over $200 cash back, which is amazing!! My only suggestion would be that the app automatically searches receipts for qualifying products purchased. I use another cash back app that after i scan the receipt, it gives me points for qualifying products without having to search or browse thru all the products in order to get cash back. It would make it alot less time consuming and alot more fun. Yals opinions?? 

Deal Sharer

Oh my gosh.  Wouldn’t that be fantastic!!  I love that idea.

Deal Master

What app deciphers all store receipts and are able to determine the brand, size, color, quantity, and type of product without knowing the UPC?    Without UPC code, ibotta would need a way to verify if the item qualifies,  Not sure how that would be possible at a very high percentage.

Walmart works with a QR code because they have UPC codes listed on their receipts for every product, or it seems that way from what I have seen.  I would imagine the vast majority of stores do not do this.