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Beautiful Pennsylvania

Deal Sharer

This is a picture of a back road near where I live. I can't believe how picturesque it looks. I love when the leaves start changing colors. Does anyone else have pictures of their Fall foliage? 


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Re: Beautiful Pennsylvania

Core Shopper



Thanks for sharing. Looks like where I grew up in MA… I love seasons! Here in the desert 🏜🌡 there are very few true deciduous trees 🌳 and only two seasons: hot πŸ₯΅ and hotter πŸ”₯!

Lucky πŸ€ you!

Re: Beautiful Pennsylvania

Skilled Saver

That must make for a very pleasant drive.

I have driven across PA, clear to OH. It can be rather boring, but at the right time the foliage is simply breath-taking and makes all the difference.

I hope we have a nice fall this year.

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Re: Beautiful Pennsylvania

Deal Sharer

@Nique That picture was from last year. I can't wait to get a picture of this year's voyage. What state are you from? I wish all areas in the United States had beautiful fall colors. Have a good weekend.



Re: Beautiful Pennsylvania

Deal Sharer

@Tikiki I can't wait to get a picture this year of the Fall colors. I have a cousin that also lives in a desert. She looks forward to when I take my yearly picture. I usually make it into a timeline cover for Facebook. Enjoy your weekend.