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Brutal !

Core Shopper

I didn’t get to unlock my sides until yesterday. I somehow overlooked that I would have to complete four more offers after unlocking the turkey so ..yay me.

*Anyways* I reserved a time for Walmart grocery delivery today. I ordered 17 items and THIRTEEN are out of stock- all the freebies are out , no dinner rolls , no veggies, no jello ..not even a lemon!

I feel real bad because I know that they are swamped but I had to cancel. I’m not paying to have someone drive four things to my house.

Ready or not ..the holidays have arrived!

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Re: Brutal !

Deal Master

I feel your pain.

I have done Walmart Pickup a couple of times and it wasn't great. My issue was with the pickup time. I had to wait 45 minutes and didn't see anything from them until I got there. So I went in the store. Once they had it ready, I looked and some of my items were out of stock. Funny thing, I found them in stock while I walked around the store.

I prefer to shop in-store since you never know what they will pick up. Is it out of date, Did they give me the oldest ones or the newest ones? I always check the dates on things like milk and dairy.

My Walmart is only 3 miles away. I know that there are people who can't make it to the store, so Delivery is their only option. But it can be painful when you don't get all the offers you wanted to get that Ibotta bonus.

I hope you still have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Re: Brutal !

Core Shopper

Thank you for the kind reply.

It is a total bummer. I agree about checking the expirations, too. I ordered three different brands of turkey bacon this past summer and all three were expired. My Cracker Barrel cheese slices were expired a few weeks ago but it has got to the point where I actually ask myself if it is expired? or *expired* expired?. Lol

I’m not sure why items are listed as out of stock when they aren’t. There were a handful of times my sister happened to be in the same store (right after I received my dreaded order update) to ask if I needed anything. The same items were there when she checked.
Not that I’m implying that’s what happened today. I’m sure those employees are in pure retail hell-on-a-stick right now.

I hope you were able to do a better job at getting the deals.
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Re: Brutal !


I've used Walmart grocery delivery since 2020 and have received someone else's order maybe 3 times now, twice in the last 2 months. 😂

Luckily I was able to reorder later in the same day but it's so very annoying and a waste of time. At least I got to keep the wrong orders (unfortunately mostly junk food, lol. Donated a bunch of it though). 🤦🏻‍♀️

I wish Walmart wasn't so far away and Safeway not so expensive and I wasn't so decrepit (Safeway is about a 10 minute walk).

Wish us luck Walmart online deliveries improve.