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Buying GC's quietly increased!

Skilled Saver

 Went to get a Subway GC for my son today, and what once was a $5 minimum, jumped up to $20!  Pretty much all the retailers now are $20.  What's up with the lack of communication to your users?   Very disappointing. 

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Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Rewards Guide

I just checked to see if my favorites have increased and all them have, $20 minimum. So disappointing especially when I would be a specific amount for say a TB order. There goes me buying to try to reach a bonus!

Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Shopping Enthusiast

What an unpleasant surprise for any planning to finish their MWMM with GCs tonight.

Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Deal Ambassador

I've noticed the same thing and stopped buying gift cards on Ibotta awhile back. I've been buying gift cards when I get the SB Swag Up shop bonus and the My Gift Card Plus bonus offers (available with both SB and In Box Dollars). The discounts are much higher than Ibotta and sometimes the spending requirement is lower. I posted earlier that I bought a $13 Kroger card and earned a $5 Swag Up Shop Bonus with SB. 


Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Skilled Saver

Yes...sorry for double posting this topic. 

Most are $20-min, and some are even $25 or $50.

Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!


Came here just to post / read about this!

Went to go buy a few $5 gift cards at Ulta for a purchase I was making (and also to hit the MWMM bonus) and saw it had jumped to a $20 minimum. Scrolled through all the gift card options, all are a minimum of $20 or higher. I guess Ibotta either figured out or decided they no longer liked us using the $5 gift cards to hit bonuses 😢

Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Skilled Saver

Came here just about this.  I was going to buy one GC to finish my MWMM and noticed that every single retailer was a minimum of $20, some as high as $50.  I bought an Ulta $5 GC on Saturday so this is a relatively recent change.  Wish we had gotten a heads up about this but that doesn't seem to be done anymore.

Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Core Shopper

It would have been nicer If they started it Thursday.  Anyone that was planning use the gift card to complete the midweek bonus is now out of options if their balance can't get a gift card and there isn't enough time to find stuff in store to hit target.  Most stores to far or closed.

I normally would buy a gift card as a safety if I have stuff pending and afraid I won't get the bonus (aka issues with the pending item or bonus existence itself.

Seems rapid changes are happening.  Example are the terms of how coupon stacking is allowed or disallowed.  Gift card min going up.  Next thing will the withdrawal min be $50 to bank?


Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Deal Sharer

I did the same thing! I went to Subway & was shocked to find the minimum purchase was now $20.

I don’t mind paying the $20 minimum at most retailers, but at the fast food restaurants that’s crazy!

When I’m eating fast food, it’s just me & I’m not eating $20 worth of it at one time!

Very disappointed in this minimum increase!

Re: Buying GC's quietly increased!

Rewards Guide

Wow, I knew this day was coming eventually. Unfortunately this might be the Ibotta killer for me.
The entire strategy of chasing bonus’s is pretty much nullified by this move and my Ibotta use will drastically be reduced. Maybe that is their end goal, get rid of power users like me but still sell our data to brands on how big their user base is. Now they don’t have to pay out as many bonus’s but they can still count us as users. 
I used the Starbucks gift card option almost daily and was earning only 1% and paying directly from my checking account, vs paying directly to Starbucks with a credit card and earning 2% back from the credit card & 30 days interest free terms. 
The time It took copying & pasting the GC into the Starbucks app was another process that now is not worth the time going through Ibotta. 
I think after the Lucky Strike bonus is over, I’m out Ibotta.  I’m at 110/128 for Lucky Strike. 
Thanks for the good times Ibotta.