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Care Support is Rockin'

Super Saver

Had a receipt issue.  Too faded to recognize any offers (even after manual scans).

Fully resolved in less than 3 hous after contacting Customer Care.

Kudos Customer Care!!!!!
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Re: Care Support is Rockin'

Rewards Whiz

Glad to hear it, thank you for sharing!


Re: Care Support is Rockin'

Skilled Saver

They are awesome. I had a ticket submitted this week too for one missing offer that allowed me to get a bonus. Within hours, I had an answer and my bonus! Ibotta has some great and dedicated employees that care about the company they work for and their customers.

Re: Care Support is Rockin'

Shopping Enthusiast


Great acknowledgement for recognizing the Care Team for assisting you. 

Seasons change, gray skies will turn blue.

Re: Care Support is Rockin'

Deal Master

@What-Shot   We all know the feeling of dread when the poor quality receipt prints out - so glad it worked out well for you!

Re: Care Support is Rockin'

Core Shopper

Yes!!! They're awesome! Helped me with two problems this week.