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Christmas music


There is a local radio station where I live that started playing Christmas music 24/7 earlier this month.

Is there anyone out there that is tired of Christmas music already?

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Re: Christmas music

Deal Sharer

Oh we've got a station doing that here as well! I don't so much mind that but hearing it in the stores on Nov 1 st was a bit much!🤣🎄But here we go, so Merry Christmas!

Re: Christmas music

Rewards Advocate

@KentuckyBred    Baaaaaah HUMBUG! I HATE it! 


Re: Christmas music

Deal Expert

 @KentuckyBred It’s too early for me.  I skip any station playing it.

I’m with you @Marj and wish the stores would wait until at least Black Friday. 

Re: Christmas music

Skilled Saver

Wow! Way too early. I wait until December 1st before I decorate or listen to Christmas music. I love Christmas, but Thanksgiving is important to me because I think it's important to express gratitude for family, friends and all the blessings my family and I experience each year. I love preparing a meal for my family and spending the day with them only focusing on making them feel special. Because I don't want to forget Thanksgiving, I wait until after Thanksgiving to start the Christmas season.

Re: Christmas music

Rewards Whiz

I used to work in retail where the same 20 songs would be played non-stop. That being said I've learned to appreciate Christmas music again, although only in small doses.

My sympathies go out to those working retail this year, for the music and everything else going on.

Re: Christmas music

Deal Master


O-M-G.  20 songs.  Think Chipmunks.   I would have to quit.   Like for real.   And probably after 1 day.

“2022 New Year's Resolution: It’s time for me to be doing what I have been doing and that time is every day .”

Re: Christmas music

Rewards Whiz

Chipmunk covers were at least 2 that I can remember. I'm still haunted by them 😰

Re: Christmas music

Rewards Guide

Nope! I started playing Christmas music while I clean my house on November 1st. Put up my tree the first weekend in November. Our family is extremely small, so Thanksgiving is not really a bit deal for us. I love the way my home looks all decorated, so I enjoy it as long as possible.


Re: Christmas music

Skilled Saver

I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! 🎄We have a station that plays it 24/7 also....they would normally do it after Thanksgiving around Dec 1st, but the last few years they have started before Thanksgiving it seems....and I'm here for it! I play Christmas music in my car all through the year, whenever I'm in the mood!

My favs are anything by Mariah, whitney, or celine.

I gotta hear, "nobody wants to be alone on Christmas" or whatever it's called (the one in the Home Alone movie)...and a few others songs.

Oh...and that darn song about the little boy buying his dying mom a pair of shoes makes me cry 😢  EVERY YEAR! LOL

......all this talk makes me want to bust out my snowy jams! 😆