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Did you Know? Refunds & Exchanges

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Refunds and exchanges vary between retailers. Some of their refund and exchange polices are consumer beneficial while others will not give you a refund or exchange.  I tend to avoid any retailer with a signage around the registers stating no refunds or exchanges.  The kind of store where all sales are final this includes restaurants. 

As the title suggests, did you know? not every consumer might know that fine details of the retailer they shop at regularly. So, I would like to start this off with a Did you know fact. Please keep in mind everyone may not know these facts about the mentioned retailer so if you already know said facts don't bash anyone for making a statement.   

Did you Know? Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works will let you exchange candles if you do not like the scent after you have burned the candle/s at home. 

Would anyone else like to contribute to did you know? 

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Re: Did you Know? Refunds & Exchanges

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Forget to use a coupon during a purchase:

Kroger, WM, Meijer, and Target hare been very forgiving and merely refund me the coupon amount after I surrender the coupon and show them the receipt.  (Sometimes I have done this a week after the fact)

CVS and WAGS - nope., not where I llive at least


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Re: Did you Know? Refunds & Exchanges

Core Shopper

Stop & Shop and Shaw's have both always refunded me the coupon amount as long as I have the coupon and receipt too! Again, YMMV.