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Re: Expiration dates?

Skilled Saver

True story... A few years ago I bought a couple packs of bacon marked 75% off and due to expire the next day. When I got home, I noticed my receipt showed a 50% discount instead of 75%. The next day I took the bacon and my receipt to the cs desk and asked for an adjustment. The guy looked at my bacon with irritation, threw it all in the trash right in front of me, and insisted on giving me all my money back.

He stated it could not be adjusted because he would need to do a return/rebuy and they weren't allowed to sell expired meat. Imo, he could/should have found a way around that, but really, I was most dumb-founded because I would have just kept the bacon at 50% had he given me the chance. To this day I can't understand how a person could be so casual about throwing away perfectly good meat.


Re: Expiration dates?

Deal Master


This is a health issue and most companies do not play.  None of the stores I shop at will sell anything on expiration day.  That includes my Meijer, WM, Kroger, and Target.  They go thru every day and pull anything expiring same day.

I believe some stores are allowed to donate to a specific place on same day items, but not sure.  But I don't believe any of them place returned meats or dairy back on shelves either.  I think they toss it due to chain of custody.

He should have explained what he was going to do first though.  It was your meat; not his.  He basically robbed you.  Again, he should not  have just tossed it though.  You should have been able to leave there with no adjustment and your product if that was what you preferred.

(Off on a tangent here.  I got a package of chicken breasts at Kroger a few weeks ago labelled 2.25 lbs, and when I weighed it at home, it was 1.7 lbs.  Okay so there is a little Styrofoam tray.  But that was not even an ounce.  I explained that to the guy in the meat department, and he politely told me that my scale must be off.  I told him, 'oh I happen to have it with me, can you weight it?  Yep  1.7 lbs.)


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Re: Expiration dates?

Skilled Saver


Fred Meyer, our Kroger affiliate here in Oregon, got in a heap of trouble a few years back about their meat scales being off. I wouldn't shop their by-weight items anymore if I had the proof you did that they're continuing to rip off their customers. Contact your state's AG. If enough people do, they'll investigate.