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Gift card purchase questions

Deal Expert

Y'all know I have been using Ibotta over 2 years now. But I never used the pay with Ibotta gift cards until recently. I thought I had to add a debit card to do it. I had been getting Walmart gift cards from the withdraw cash. Finally, uh duh!!! I tried the buy a gift card to pay so I could get a bonus credit. Only then did I realize I could use earnings and not a debit card.

I have a few questions though about the cards. I bought a Starbucks card then immediately transferred the amount to my Starbucks rewards gift card. I see the transfer is complete but the card in Ibotta says the amount hasn't changed. Do I need to manually change the amount? Why doesn't it update automatically like the ones I bought from the withdraw cash venue? Can I buy more than one card for a particular company, like Walmart? Why aren't there gift card offers for various grocery stores or even Target? 

I must say, this option is might become my new favorite. Thanks in advance for any insights.

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Re: Gift card purchase questions

Shopping Enthusiast

@TXbelle I really like to use my earnings to buy GCs and that we get offer credit for bonuses. You can buy more than 1 for each store, but not more than $250 a day.  The value of the GC does not update as used in the Ibotta app, but you can mark it as spent.  Maybe someone else can help with your other questions.


Re: Gift card purchase questions


Yes you need to manually updated them. It is kinda a pain buy I usually do it at the register after I use them. I have purchased almost 200 WM GC this year with Ibotta earnings.  I do enjoy this way of using my earnings to pay and bonus credits are always cool too!! And yes u can buy more than one. I have bought 10 10.00 WM at one time. It takes some time but if you need to hit bonuses it is worth it.

Re: Gift card purchase questions

Super Saver

@TXbelle  Yes, you need to manually update the leftover gift card amount in Ibotta.  Look for the “update balance” button.  You can 1) enter the amount you spent and let Ibotta calculate the remaining balance, 2) enter the remaining amount yourself, or 3) mark the whole thing as spent if you use it all in one go.  I am very meticulous about doing this at the register immediately after I purchase.