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Gift cards issued without an expiration date

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I purchased an E-gift card today for Jiffy **bleep** services.  On the card it instructs the cashier to enter the gift card number by hand, then a prompt comes up asking for the expiration date.  The Jiffy **bleep** E-gift card does not have an expiration date.  Without an expiration date this card is rendered useless.  Thankfully the cashier just entered four random numbers (0126) and I was able to complete the transaction.  

I have previously purchased E-gift cards for AutoZone, DSW, Walmart, Sam's, Applebee's, Home Depot, Kroger's, Krispy Kreme, Lowe's and Starbucks all of these cards have a pin number to enter after the card is scanned or the card number is entered. 

I encountered this issue with Sirrus XM E-card earlier this year. The card did not have an expiration date on it, and I was not able to complete my transaction. 

If not for the insightfulness of the cashier to enter a pseudo number for the expiration date when requested, I would be sending this message to the Care Team. What is needed to fix this issue is to reevaluate gift cards and ensure they have all the required information required to complete purchases. expiration dates, pin numbers, or authorization codes. 

Fellow Ibotta users have you encountered issues with missing information from E-gift cards purchased on the Ibotta website that prevented you from redeeming gift cards? Ibotta why are some E-gift cards issued without all the pertinent information? 


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Re: Gift cards issued without an expiration date

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Community Manager

Thanks for flagging this! I have reached out to our team and will be in touch with an update when we have one. 


Re: Gift cards issued without an expiration date

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I haven't, but could be related to other giftcards issued for those retailers from other sources. I have a 3 year old cinema giftcard I used last year with no issue.

All the rest of my cards get used fairly quickly.