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Good Deed

Super Saver

I had the best experience today.

I was loading my car after shopping at a different Walmart. I was repacking my frozen food into my insulated bag in my trunk when a lady approached me and asked if she could return my empty cart. I said yes thinking she wanted to use it herself. She went and put my cart back in the rack and then got in her car to leave. She rolled down her window and spoke to me again and said I hope you have a blessed rest of your day. I responded - you just made my day better - thank you for your kindness.

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Re: Good Deed


This is common here. I do it all the time, especially for elderly people. People have returned my cart as well. Last week I had a man come rushing up to my car as I was leaving to move a cart from behind my car that he thought I might hit. Its just being courteous and friendly. Unfortunately, not everyone shares this behavior. I have a new scratch from a loose cart being blown into my car, and another dent from a car door. But you take the good with the bad. 

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