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Re: How long do you save your receipts?

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I keep mine in an old bank envelope by the month so they still look great. I have back to beginning of 2020. I recently purged all records through 2019 except for big ticket items and tax returns of course. I still have every bill paid, receipt and scrap of paper from 2020 and forward.

Re: How long do you save your receipts?


@Ca1  Some save them for reference in case there’s a problem with Ibotta or other apps. Customer service may ask for a snapshot of the receipt if you open a case. 🤔 I have thought why they can’t view them since we can through the app after scanning them. Others save receipts for tax purposes or possible returns. 

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Re: How long do you save your receipts?

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@Tikiki  I am in agreement with @mom2furkids and others who keep the receipts for about a month. I also agree with those who keep ‘big purchase’ receipts much longer. As @Rickibotta said, some are so old and faded but I still keep them anyway. 
As for storage, I used to keep my them in a vinyl bag with a zipper (although it was too full be able to zip), it looked so old and sad, I recently replaced it with a cute little bag and my spirit has been lifted! 🥰