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Ibotta for Amazon food purchases?


With a lot of grocery store shelves being bare since the pandemic started, a lot of us have been buying our products on amazon. It would be wonderful if we could get Ibotta credits with Amazon also! 

Good idea? Pros\Cons? 

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Re: Ibotta for Amazon food purchases?

Skilled Saver

I would love that too but I don't buy many food items off Amazon. Not everyone would be able to benefit from it. For example, Amazon won't ship groceries to my house. I live in the country and they won't ship fresh produce or anything needing refrigeration or is frozen because I live too far away for them to ship it before the food spoils. The few things food related I can get on Amazon have never been on Ibotta and I highly doubt that they will ever be on Ibotta. I personally think there should be more buy any brand offers as well as fresh produce on Ibotta rather than Amazon option, but if it was offered I would try to see if I could redeem Amazon offers.