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Ibotta show Colorado some love...

Rewards Hunter

How is it that a company based in Colorado, has so much trouble with our own state grocery stores? King Soopers always has problems on receipts.. Now they have gone paperless and Ibotta still hasn't updated this? I've missed out today because they refused to give me a paper receipt and I attempted to submit the digital one and they don't accept that either at Ibotta? This is the pinnacle of issues here. I want to support local businesses and haven't been able to do this throughout the pandemic. Some of us can't always go into stores because of health risks or because we're aging. Why can noone look at this and update policy or functionality? Colorado matters I'm sure Ibotta employees feel the same that use the app?

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Re: Ibotta show Colorado some love...

Rewards Hunter

I’m having the same problem in NJ with my local ShopRite.  I had done so much shopping where I ordered things online then drove to the store (for contactless delivery) - my account defaulted to digital receipts.  I’ve asked for physical ones when I know I had an ibotta offer but sometimes the store won’t do that.

Very frustrating that Ibotta doesn’t allow anything other than a receipt printed at the store.