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Im not a trouble maker

Deal Sharer

I just received a pvt message telling me gaslighting will not be tolerated. It was nice being a part of the community but I feel I should leave. I wish everyone well. Please all stay safe during these times.




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Re: Im not a trouble maket

Deal Master

@Blessed0301   I feel it is my fault because I tagged you by accident.  (And then corrected my tag and DM'd you) and apologized.  We all received the message from Lara about gaslighting, and many of us (myself included) felt it necessary to defend the ANY option.  You did nothing wrong, but got swept along by commenting (nicely may I add) in that very thread. We know you are not a troublemaker, so please rethink your decision, and know that Lara's comment was not directed at you, but rather to the rest of us.

Re: Im not a trouble maket

Super Saver

@Blessed0301: I am trying to understand why YOU got scolded in a private message. I hope you don't leave the community. You are a blessing here.

Re: Im not a trouble maket

Deal Master


I also sent you a message explaining what happened with the accidental tagging.  There is nothing you did wrong.

Perhaps they just got confused by the accidental tagging.   Mistakes happen, and I think you got caught up in that by mistake.  Give them a piece of your mind in a message back if you like, but don't run off.

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Re: Im not a trouble maker

Rewards Whiz

@Blessed0301 I hope you stick around. Not sure who sent you that but that comment should not be directed at you in any way.

You're highly valued here, anything anyone else has said is wildly incorrect.