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KCL Money Saving Challenges - What Do You Think?


I saw this article on KCL describing 20 Money Saving Challenges and wondered if anyone uses them. Some are common sense choices like making your own lunch and coffee, and cutting expenses. The money saving ones, that is setting aside actual money, seem like they might be more difficult to do. I mean, if I have an extra $1,378, I’m probably going to spend it on necessities during the year instead of saving it for a year. The one that caught my attention was number 12, the Receipt Saving Challenge. I might try that for a month but I think instead of putting it in savings, I would put it to next month’s expenses. The same as recycling Ibotta rebates to paying for the next deals. So does anyone do any of these or would try doing them?

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Re: KCL Money Saving Challenges - What Do You Think?

Rewards Hunter

Thanks, Dean. Great article. Finding any way to successfully play the savings game is a real challenge on a really small fixed income like mine, but many of the suggestions should actually be achievable. I plan to give quite a few a chance, to save for different goals. I’ve shared the article with my daughter, who is struggling to save, while shouldering the expense of an elderly Great Dane with health issues. A challenge is fun, a chore is a drag. Thanks for the new perspective.