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Kroger Delivery

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I see many Kroger Deals posted on this site and others.  But I don't have a Kroger store in my area.

I had heard that Kroger does have delivery service in my area now.  I verified this at

Has anyone used Kroger Delivery?  Is it worth the $9.95 cost?  Are the Ibotta deals still good when using Kroger Delivery?  Are the prices the same as the store or do they mark up the prices that are delivered?


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Re: Kroger Delivery

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See fi the link below works for you.  It is the page about BOOST.  It is an annual subscription service to get unlimited deliveries either next day ($59/yr) or within a few hours ($99).  So if it is available for you, it may be worth it, if you planned on doing more than like 6 deliveries a year.


Unfortunately for you, I doubt you have a Kroger Fuel center.   That is where the real benefit comes in. because you get double fuel points.  But if you already have some fuel discount program, it likely would not benefit you if you don't shop Kroger a lot.

If I spend $400 a month on groceries, I would earn 40¢ off on gas (up tp 30 gallons I think) on one occasion, so you could max out at a $12 savings.   BOOST doubles that, so it would be 80¢ off a gallon (max 30 gallons), or a $24 savings each month.  Kroger allows you to save up to $1 off per fuel transaction if you buy enough groceries or gift cards, etc.

Unfortunately, I don't believe the delivery works with ibotta at all.


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