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Kroger PSA: RIP to Scan, Bag, & Go At My Primary 3 Krogers

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These last 18 months have been amazing.  I have loved every bit of it. 

Go to Kroger, scan items with my phone as I shop, place them in what bags I want as I go, and then transfer to the SCO terminal and pay.  There were rough spots where I kept getting selected for them to rescan everything as a QC check, but those issues are in the distant past.

I believe Sunday evening will be the end of the line for me to be able to use this function.   It is being discontinued.

Some say it is due to theft.  Others say not enough people used it  I don't care why.  I am not a happy shopper.

A lot of my day-to-day shopping will likely go to Meijer.  They also have a SHOP & SCAN feature that I love and use.

So it is time to accept that we will be parting ways.  I am somewhat heartbroken, but we will always have Paris.

I never hear anyone on this forum speak of either Kroger's Scan,Bag, & Go' <or> Meijer's 'Shop & Scan'?

Am I the only one?

"about me: Suburbs of Indianapolis Indiana. BOILER UP!! Favorite stores: Kroger & Meijer"
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Re: Kroger PSA: RIP to Scan, Bag, & Go At My Primary 3 Krogers

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That feature may have limited to only certain Krogers, I have never seen it. I rarely shop Meijer enough to have much experience there.

I do have WM+ and use the feature there sometimes. Has come handy a few times.



Re: Kroger PSA: RIP to Scan, Bag, & Go At My Primary 3 Krogers

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Our Kroger had Scan, Bag & Go (not sure if they still do). They pushed it pretty hard at the start - they had a kiosk set up right when you walked in to encourage use. I never tried that option because I buy way too much to feel comfortable using it. Sorry to hear it’s being discontinued at your store!