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MM Purchase Gift Cards With Earnings

Deal Expert

Disclosure, this is not an active deal but an old offer. What makes it relevant, I was finally able to use the gift cards for the intended use from the transaction.

When "Buy Gift Cards With Earnings" was first launched, there was a promotion or two to spurn use of the option. The promos predate this community and probably many of you reading this post.

So I had to scroll back through my redemptions, but found the deals were way better than I remember. Another tribute to ibotta providing us a platform to save (or earn) over and over again. 



So the whole thing started with a bang:


And for those wondering, yes $5.00 card:


Whooaaa (emoji) (emoji) (emoji) !!! 


To preface and provide further background for this post, I don't go to the movies often. Maybe once a year, and only if it is a franchise I favor heavily.

But now I had a $5 card, paid with earnings none the less, but didn't plan to cash out any more funds for another card to actually get me into the theater. I was expecting a flick I wanted to see to soon be released. 




What happened next, back comes ibotta maybe a month later. 


I know, I know, I just said I had no plans to cash out any more funds for a card. But look at this:



Good note takers and time keepers, you probably got the full picture except for maybe why it took so long for me to use the cards. Well, Covid of course for one, but also, the movie was delayed too. 

Anyway, the action scenes in the first part of the New 007 flick are quite entertaining.