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money missing on app


I am missing $59.00 on app have waited a week they say it is there 

it is not only 2.25 want a reason why it is gone

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Re: money missing on app

Deal Master

Sorry you are having a problem.

The only thing I have heard about in the past had to do with the inactivity fee.  If you don't use Ibotta for 6 months or more, $3.99 could be removed each month.  I suspect that is NOT what is happening here.

It is possible that you have a number of items still pending, but $56.25 is a very large pending amount.

The Ibotta Community is made up of users like you, so we don't have any way to fix this issue.  I can only recommend contacting Ibotta Care through the Ibotta app or by email at

Good luck.