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MoviePass Waitlist

Core Shopper

I’ve been meaning to start a thread about moviegoing for bargain hunters (which, long story short, is how I came upon Ibotta in the first place), and this seems as good a time as any. 

For anyone who’s interested, I wanted to give an FYI that MoviePass is currently waitlisting for their eventual relaunch. For those of you familiar with it, the service at one time let subscribers literally see up to one movie per day, for a monthly fee of $10. Unsurprisingly, that proved unsustainable, and the company eventually collapsed. I’m sure there are plenty of articles online about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the original company. 

At any rate, they’re returning, and have disclosed few details of how it will run this time. They are, however, currently letting those who are interested (former members, or brand new), sign up for their waitlist. The only information required right now is your email address and zip code. No billing info! If you join the waitlist, you’ll eventually get any email/offer to join, once they officially restart. You supposedly won’t be able to come straight in when they restart unless you did the initial waitlist during this 5 day period (or get an eventual referral from someone who did).

I have no additional information besides what I’ve posted above, and am by no means “vouching” for them. But since this stage of checking them out is risk-free, I thought I’d pass on the information to anyone else who’s curious. If that’s you, you can join their waitlist at:


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Re: MoviePass Waitlist


Could it be possible for you to send me a invite to sign up please and thank you.