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New Ibotta Advertisement

Skilled Saver

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from Walmart and I saw a cool new Ibotta Advertisement on a product. I bought the Ocean Spray Fructus Juice and on it was this colorful and attractive advertisement, which I attached below, on the container. This is such a great way to advertise that you can save $1 if you use Ibotta. So, anyone else see any new Ibotta Advertisements? If so, please share below.

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Re: New Ibotta Advertisement

Deal Sharer

Not yet and thanks for sharing.


Re: New Ibotta Advertisement

Deal Master

@Marethundsabre  I did a product test for TheInsiders for Ocean Spray Frutas Frescas, so Ocean Spray is really pushing it, that's why quite often you'll see certain products on several rebate apps, they are doing a hard push for customer acquisition at Walmart is the place to be!