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New Year's Goodies

Skilled Saver

Happy New Year, everyone! Anyone have a special New Year's or New Year's Eve meal/goodies? My family always does special treats for New Year's Eve and a steak dinner on New Year's day for dinner. This year, I was able to redeem a few offers to go towards our holiday spread. Bought Little Smokies from Walmart and used them to make Pigs in Blankets and some in BBQ sauce using another offer: sugar free Sweet Baby Rays. Made chicken wings in teriyaki sauce that I had an offer for too. In addition, I bought cream puffs when Ibotta had an offer for them. Lastly, pizza which I had an offer for. The pizza was Freschetta. I have other dishes too but these were the ones I bought that Ibotta had offers for. If anyone else made special dishes that you made using products from Ibotta offers, feel free to share. I am always looking for better ideas for next year. Have a great day everyone!

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Re: New Year's Goodies

Core Shopper

Happy New Year to you too @Marethundsabre ! This is a fun topic. Something I'm making for New Year's this time because of Ibotta is spinach artichoke dip using the Reese canned artichokes, Fage sour cream and Stella shredded parmesan that I bought and got rebates for. Serving it with Triscuits, another Ibotta rebate.

Re: New Year's Goodies

Deal Master

@Marethundsabre  Like you, I also make pigs in the blankets (crescent rolls and cocktail franks), and since winning an air fryer, my son has been making wings non-stop. If you haven't tried Crystal hot sauce, I strongly recommend it.  I picked up 4 Digiorno pizzas this week at Shoprite (not Ibotta) for $1.99 each w/ digital coupons (ends tomorrow) - so I'll probably make one and slice them up into bite size pieces.

Been making crock pot meals too - so this week was a crock-pot, chicken pot pie that came out great - so I guess we'll be eating leftovers, and I'll just make a few extra biscuits on the side.  Low key.  

Re: New Year's Goodies

Rewards Advocate


Being here in the Southwest, we’ll have spinach and cheese enchiladas Christmas style with both red and green enchilada sauce. We like sharp cheese in ours, so I’ll be using some of the Cracker Barrel white Vermont cheddar I got so inexpensively using IR. They’ll be served with Spanish RightRice for which I received Merryfield rebates. On the side there’ll be pico de gallo, Good Culture Sour Cream (IR, Fetch, Aisle) and of course, guacamole 🥑 and tortilla chips. We’ll enjoy a couple of margaritas made with the Neon Zebra (IR) & 1800 tequila (IR) with dinner. My son will enjoy one of the many FAO non-alcoholic beverages (IR) we have on hand and maybe a dessert of Reese’s Klondike bars (Fetch), Unreal or Theo or Chocolove chocolate (IR)!

🎆Happy New Year! 🎆 

Re: New Year's Goodies

Skilled Saver

I picked up the Bibigo mini wonton's to bring to a party tonight (I'll cook them at BIL's house).  They were on sale  2/$10 at Winn Dixie this week with a $1/2 digital q, so 2/$9.  Then $2 back from Ibotta.  I also got a $0.50 bonus for purchasing 2 unique offers.  (I forgot my husband grabbed the dumplings at WM earlier in the month, got $1.50 back from coupons dot com and I think it was $1 from Ibotta.)

I'm making my spinach/artichoke dip to bring to another get together tomorrow. So I'll be using the Reese's artichokes I got from Ibotta (I use a mix of the marinated and regular hearts) along with a bag of Kraft shredded mozz cheese (on sale $2 at Rouses with $0.25 Ibotta) and Breakstone's sour cream (Winn Dixie has the 8 oz on sale $1 this wk, so I got 2 free after Ibotta!).  The frozen chopped spinach I picked up when my local grocery store had them $0.88 and several bags of Mission tortilla chips I got for $0.99 last wk at Rouses.  The cream cheese I picked up at WM  for $1.96.