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Online shopping

Deal Sharer

I have tried for days to shop on zulilly from Ibotta as I have a credit and it will count toward bonus, but when I try page come up blank.  So today I have a gift. Are to Zappos…I try through Ibotta just the spinning circle like trying to connect….and yes I have logged out and back in.   Frustrated.  Plus getting the runaround around from help over a ticket.  This is becoming so difficult.

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Re: Online shopping

Ultimate Saver

I just tried to go to Zulily from the Ibotta app.  When I selected Shop, it opened a browser on my phone and went to the Zulily web site.

There are many possible reasons for why you can't get to this site.  First, the site could have been down.  Ibotta can't control this.  Another issue could be your wifi or cell phone service.  Again, there is not much you can do, except maybe reset your router.

If that is not the problem, I would try checking for an Ibotta update.  Clearing the cache on your phone may also help.  Also try resetting your phone.

The last item could be you just ran out of memory on your phone.  If you are low on memory, try removing apps you no longer use or removing large files like videos and pictures.

Hopefully, you will be able to get to the sites.