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Phone help!

Rewards Hunter

When I try to cash out it says my phone number is associated with another account and won’t let me verify it. I’ve emailed multiple times with no help

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Re: Phone help!

Deal Master

There can be many reasons why a phone number doesn't work.

I know you said you have emailed Ibotta Care several times.  First, it can take 3-5 days to get a response back from Ibotta.  Second, sending multiple requests can actually slow down a response.

If you can get into the Ibotta app, select Profile from the Home page from the top left corner.  Then select Help and then Visit the Help Center.

On the Help screen, select the icon in the top right corner and then My support tickets.  You should be able to see each of the requests you sent in.  You can get a current status of each one.

Since a phone number is important for security reasons, it can take some time to verify who you are and that the money earned is yours.  Be patient.  Ibotta Care has always come through for me.