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Rewards Hunter
  • I have received the emai and told my accountant was deactivated permanently. I really sad that I can’t use Ibotta anymore. I asked my family to submit receipt and they didn’t quit understand the detail rules so there were repeated submissions. I really sorry about against the rules. I would make sure it won’t happen again so please reactivate my account please. I have read someone got deactivated permanently but you would help them. I hope you will help me as well. I really enjoyed Ibotta and wanted to keep continuing.
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Re: Reactivation

Deal Master


They don't deactivate lightly, so odds are against it, but your only recourse is to plead your case to the care team.

Everyone here in the forum are users just like you, so there really isn't anyone can do fircyiu here.

Sorry about your situation and best of luck.

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