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This app has gone from great, to a joke!!! In the last month I have made a total of .02 cents. Now when you submit a receipt you have to find each item in your list of offers. This is not worth the time or the trouble anymore. Before it told you which item matched and gave you credit for each, now you have to find each item and then scan each barcode. I will be finding another app to use in the future!!!

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Re: Redemptions

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You are certainly entitled to your opinion. In the last few weeks their has been a few glitches here and there.

The issue you are having I also had but overcame and continue to use Ibotta.

If you are having app issues try clearing your app cache and for the receipt scanning issue read the attached post.

Manually entering rebates 

You might want to consider contacting community manager @LaraL she might be able to help you resolve your issue.


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Re: Redemptions

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You did not really provide any details.

What store?

Is this the same store you always use?

When did the problem start?

Most stores do not require you to select the offers any more, but you should always have a list with you to compare against the offers ibotta selects anyway to make sure.

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