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Shopping list

Rewards Hunter

It would be great if we could create a shopping list on the app.

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Re: Shopping list

Skilled Saver

Though that would be a nice feature, it kind of already does this in a sense. Any offers you select are compiled on a list under each store. As of now, there isn't a feature that includes a list of offers preselected for multiple stores. It may be a helpful feature but I can also see how confusing it might be. Still, it is an interesting concept. Usually, when in a store, I go to the Ibotta app and look at the items on the list I want to redeem for the store I am in. For example, I am at Walmart, I click on Walmart store in Ibotta. I then hit the list button. All the offers I selected to redeem will show up there. Easy to use and convenient.


Re: Shopping list

Shopping Enthusiast


There's a function that serves as a list within the Ibotta app. 

When you open the gallery for the desired retailer.  You will find a hyperlink for your list in the lower right hand corner. 


Press the list function and your list will open. 


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