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Swagbucks credit delay...mystery solved

Skilled Saver

Ok, maybe I am slow to catch on to Swagbucks processing since I am not an avid SB user, but during the on-going Baby Ruth MM spree, I have noticed that most often, my receipts process instantly. But occasionally they are delayed nearly a week (flagged as manual review"). 

Today it finally dawned on me that the receipts that were delayed all had something in common: all were rung up as 8×price, instead of ringing up each bar individually, creating a list of 8 items.

Ha! Am I the last one to figure out that trick? Is it exclusive to SB?

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Re: Swagbucks credit delay...mystery solved

Deal Master


That has not been my experience.  I spot-checked a few of them, and they were ones that had one pe3r line, but I will keep that in mind.   Thanks for that little nugget.

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