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Thanksgiving Dinner


Ordered my Thanksgiving dinner 2 days ago , Picked it up this morning with no issues other then me going to the wrong store location and waiting 30 minutes before I realized mistake ( should have had that 2nd cup of coffee)

30 mins after pick-up I get the notification from Ibotta.... you got money!  

Ya can't beat a free Thanksgiving meal 


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Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

Skilled Saver

I am glad you got your free Thanksgiving meal. Sadly, going to a different location is something I would and have done in the past. Not with Ibotta as there is only one Walmart in my area but there have been other times elsewhere. At least you have a viable excuse. I just have no sense of direction and get lost easily. Hopefully you will have no other problems next time you put in a Walmart order. Enjoy your freebies.