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TWO Kroger receipts in pending status! 🤬

Deal Expert

Good grief! Criminy! I thought I had enough of it last week but once again Ibotta missed 1 or 2 claimed and completed offers on 1 or both of my last 2 Kroger receipts and both are in pending status! GRRRRRR! 

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Re: TWO Kroger receipts in pending status! 🤬

Super Saver


I bought a big for me bunch of stuff yesterday at Kroger. Only 6 Ibotta offers but several Kcb's and a freebie. I waited til I got home (4 more stores later) to submit my receipt. I think Ibotta"auto found" 5 of the 6. I entered the 1 offer and submitted. Within 30 minutes I had my acceptance. At the same time I did the Kroger receipt I submitted a Market Street receipt for 1 offer. That one took a little over an hour. But that acceptance got me my wwb. 

I was having issues with Kroger receipts for awhile but lately it's been pretty easy. My KCB has been better as well. I'm a little worried that some of those might be problematic as I still saw no items found even after a day and a half later. Those take 2-3 days to show up, which makes me a little anxious. I'm not afraid to call Kroger customer service though and they are very accommodating. Just have to wait over 7days before they will do anything.

Re: TWO Kroger receipts in pending status! 🤬

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WHEE-YOO!😚🥵 The two receipts FINALLY came through; the one from Friday, the one with five completed offers, came through yesterday afternoon and the other from Thursday with 2 finished offers came through this morning 

Now I got a new Ibotta-Kroger McSTACKsky


and a 2nd timer Fetch Rewards-Ibotta McSTACKsky 


Re: TWO Kroger receipts in pending status! 🤬

Deal Sharer

I have one pending as well right now. Usually my Kroger ones go right through. Normally I only have to wait for Target. Tomorrow will be day 2. I hope it clears soon. Spoiled with not having to wait Normally