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Re: Vacuum Sealers

Skilled Saver

BJ’s use to sell them too, might depend on the season but within the next couple of months I’d expect them to stock it.

We purchased one from Costco at least 7 years ago before they were this pricey and it just bit the dust a couple of months ago. Costco had them on sale last month I think so we picked up a new one, but don’t love it as much. We’re actually considering a return. Same brand just a newer model. The problem is the way this one cuts the rolls for a new bag is hard to figure out exactly where it will cut b/c you have to open it and stick it inside with the cutter on the outside. The old model it was all done on the inside and you saw exactly where it was being cut and the top of this one is heavier and needs to be fully lifted up for it to not fall back down on you. We miss the simplicity of the old.