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Re: What are Your Personality Traits that Lend to Successful Ibotta-ing?

Deal Master

Some of the keys to my success, to the extent I have any, with ibotta are:

  • dogged determination
  • deductive reasoning skills
  • ability to multitask
  • attention to detail.

Regarding the other discussion:  I love:

  • Trivia (shows on TC, diong trivia at bars, etc)
  • Sudoku & kakuro  - in pen....on paper....not with the cheats or hints on computer
  • Brain teasers
  • Mensa books - I love the logic and math puzzles
  • I sometimes practice math 'tricks' - like the ones where you can multiply any two 2-diigit numbers in your head.  I am pretty rusty at these now, and the older I get the more I struggle with the 'holding area' in my head that you need to do these
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