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What do you like best about Ibotta?

Skilled Saver

Hey Everyone, I noticed that one of the ways to earn points for our team is to share why we love Ibotta. So, let's all post at least one thing we love about Ibotta and rack up the points. I will go first: I love Ibotta because it helps me save hundreds of dollars every year on things I am going to buy. I also love Ibotta because it motivates me to try new products and discovering new favorites. Lastly, I love Ibotta because the company has many caring employees that go out of their way to help resolve issues we are facing. Lara and the Care Team are amazing. They definitely work so hard and have a passion for what they do. It's people like them that make Ibotta great. 

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Re: What do you like best about Ibotta?

Deal Master

I wrote a whole book, a beautiful reckoning of my love for ibotta, and posted it in the primary thread, so I have nothing else.  I guess enjoy the banter in the community and I like FREE items or moneymakers.

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