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Re: What’s your sales tax?


So many different rules and caveats to each state’s sales taxes, sounds confusing!


@danaellis You’re the highest so far! 

Re: What’s your sales tax?

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@Juno   et al 

In Phoenix, AZ the total of state, county and city sales tax rates is 8.6%.
Combined tax rates vary by city and county. (@Modelgurl26) Scottsdale’s combined tax is 8.05%, while Tucson’s is 8.7% and Flagstaff’s is 9.18%!

Good news, groceries are exempt from sales tax all together! Non-food items are taxed at the above rates.

Re: What’s your sales tax?

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TX 8.25% for state and local sales tax. Food is not taxable but most everything else is.  We do have a tax free weekend before school starts each August  that includes most shoes and clothing as well as school supplies. But in the past few years it's scheduled so late most people have already shopped. 

Re: What’s your sales tax?

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@Juno  That's good ole Arkansas for you! Higher on everything tax related. The more you make, the more they take!