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Free Thanksgiving

Rewards Hunter

Hello everyone . I purchased my free thanksgiving the submitted my receipt . First it said the Walmart account was linked to my ibotta but that was more than 24hrs ago so I submitted the receipt again and now it’s saying the recipe is already submitted but there is no pending money showing what am I doing wrong 

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Re: Free Thanksgiving

Skilled Saver

Since your account is linked to Ibotta, the offers you purchased will automatically be credited to your account once Ibotta gets the information of your purchase from Walmart. It can take up to 7 days though. Usually, it takes a few hours to 48 hours. If 48 hours have passed and nothing has been credited, then submit a help ticket. Explain the situation, what offers should be credited and photos of your receipt if you have one, of purchased items and their barcodes. Keep in mind that it might take 2-3 days before you hear back from the Care Team but they are very responsive and can credit the missing credits to your account. I hope you get your credits soon.