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Help for cash back

Rewards Hunter

i went to submit my receipt and it said that it was already submitted because of the linked account. But I couldn’t see how to scan the items barcode to redeem cash back on the instore offers I selected previously. Then this morning I was able to scan the barcodes of all the items and it verified that it matched. But still no cash back in my account. What happened?

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Re: Help for cash back

Deal Master

Welcome to the Ibotta Community.

Scanning the barcode is a great way to verify that the item is a match for the rebate.  However, you must select each item in Ibotta prior to making your purchase.  If you don't select the item under the correct store, you won't get credit.

If you did select the offers before you made your purchase, then you need to open a request.  Go to Account in the app and then Help.  Submit a Request is at the top of the page.

Please note that requests can take 2-3 days to get a response from Ibotta Care.