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How do I put my earnings in my bank?

Rewards Hunter

How do I put my over $20 in earnings in my bank? I see no app or anything to put in my bank information. The $$ posted to my account a week ago. I am broke! Please help!!

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Re: How do I put my earnings in my bank?


Go to Payment method and add a debit card or send to pay pal. I send all my money from these apps to pay pal so I only have to give my bank info to one of them.

Re: How do I put my earnings in my bank?

Deal Master

Adding a Debit Card has nothing to do with withdrawing your earnings. It is used for buying Gift Cards.

To withdraw your Ibotta earnings to your bank account, select Account in the Ibotta app.  There is a teal button that says Withdraw Earnings.  

My version of Ibotta allows you to withdraw to Gift Cards (NOT the same as BUYING gift cards) or withdraw from PayPal or Bank Account.  Click PayPal or Bank Account.

You will then get the option to withdraw from Bank Account.  Ibotta uses Plaid to connect to your bank.

Continue until you get to the list of banks.  Plaid does NOT support all banks.  However, if you don't see your bank, be sure to enter your bank in the search field.  I had to do this to see my bank.

If your bank is not found, you cannot withdraw to your bank at this time.

Instead of withdrawing my earnings, I buy gift cards with my earnings.  Not only do I get a percentage back, the purchase also counts towards bonuses.