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How to fill large offers - example, Merry&Bright needing 90 items

Rewards Hunter

Hi, only my 2nd post to the community.  I'm a fairly new user and up to now have mainly used ibotta with in-store grocery shopping.  I'll make a list of items I need for the week checking the store for sales/coupons, and then go through ibotta and add the offers.  And as my name implies, before I go to my beverage store I add appropriate offers.

But looking at some of the bonuses requiring a large quantity of offers, what are other ways to fill it?  In this case the M&B gives me the month but I have to fill 90 offers.  I don't buy that much stuff (or rather, stuff that matches the provided offers) so I'm looking for help on how the pro's fill these types of bonuses.

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Re: How to fill large offers - example, Merry&Bright needing 90 items

Skilled Saver


Buying gift cards is a way to get credit of an offer towards a bonus. I’ve never bought several GCs back to back within the app but I have purchased a single Walmart GC several times. Each time, the purchase counts as a redeemed offer- usually takes a few mins for the app to update (in iOS).

The other tip I can share is making multiple trips to stores. Example- I buy an item/redeem an offer and usually the offer resets 24 hrs later. Once it does, I return to the store and buy the item again. Rinse and repeat. My M&B bonus is 140, so Ibotta is helping me contribute to global warming with all the additional driving.

Good luck!

Re: How to fill large offers - example, Merry&Bright needing 90 items

Deal Master

@WinoJim  Also try to spread out the offers amongst various stores that have different offers (if you have the ability to do so).  When I had the $30/90 last time, I was able to complete it by stacking with other rebate apps and shopping at Target, Walmart, CVS, Shoprite, Stop and Shop and Whole Foods. I know MANY people don't have the time, energy or availability to do so.  I think I did 1 offer in the last 2 weeks due to RL (real life) getting in the way, so I'm not planning to hit the 145.  Plus, with the price of gas (and the colder weather), I'm not running as much, that's for sure. 


Re: How to fill large offers - example, Merry&Bright needing 90 items

Skilled Saver

My Merry and Bright is for 140 offers.  Just like with the Jack O lantern Bonus I divided to conquer.  I figured out how many weeks I had to finish and split it up that way so it at least seemed less daunting.  

I get your pain on the number of items you buy.  As a singleton I don't need large quantities of anything so that sometimes makes it hard to meet a huge bonus.  What I do it look at the offers in categories. 

First are the items I use and would buy anyway. 

Second tier are free after Offer or BOGO offers.  These offers make it worth my time to and try something new.

Third are interesting things I want to try and even a small offer is enough to push me to buy.

Finally there are things that are cheap enough and with a god enough Bonus that I will buy just to donate.  Like the Poise offers we have a couple months back.

Also don't forget to stack offers like coupons and other apps like Fetch .