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I'm New

Rewards Hunter

Hello! I'm new just wanting to learn how to maximize my usage of this app.

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Re: I'm New

Deal Ambassador

Welcome @Oma1! I would suggest regularly checking the community here for great deals posted by so many helpful members. Also, be sure to stack any paper, printable, or digital coupons with Ibotta offers. Don’t buy items just because there is a rebate. I would suggest only buying things you already use, think you would like to try, unless of course something is free or a money maker and you are working towards a bonus. Weekly bonuses usually come out Mondays and Thursdays (once in awhile we don’t get these, though) with some special bonuses sprinkled here and there. So I like to do my shopping when those bonuses come out to work towards that extra savings. And if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! 

Re: I'm New

Deal Expert

I didn't grasp if you were new just to this forum or new to Ibotta period, but anyway let's just say you're a total newbie at Ibotta.  

If you haven't already started doing so, make a regular habit of rummaging through your Ibotta app. The more frequently you do so the more deals/offers you should find that you want to complete, and the more deals/offers you complete the more cash back you earn 

Any time you have questions or concerns, post on this forum, you COULD specifically address me, but I and everyone else who is a salty veteran is only too eager and ready to help. 

Again, the more frequently and intently you rummage through your Ibotta app, the more effectively you can articulate your questions and concerns