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New to the hotspot!

Rewards Hunter

Hi! I'm new to this App,. I'm a single mom dealing with many difficulties like most others, so I figured I'd give this a try ..After being overwhelmed and a little confused 🤔. I'm starting to get the hang of it and Love it!!!

I wanted to introduce myself and get on the conversations and learn more to get the most of this site, since the possibilities seem endless!!

I need to read and learn about team mates...

Any help, advice or your bored and feel like saying hi! Please do!  Not many things are rewarding and fun, a challenge to do, but this buts my mind to work to try and figure out the best way to benifit the most..kinda like a game!! Lol. Looking forward to this new adventure and earning some $$$ and completing as many bonuses I can. Love a challenge!!  -"Swandive"





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Re: New to the hotspot!

Shopping Enthusiast

Welcome @Swandive1133 .  This is a great spot to learn about deals, get answers to your questions and chat with other users.  I try to read posts each day and have learned a great deal here.  Our Community Mananger @LaraL keeps us informed, helps us resolve issues and is adding some fun activities and earning opportunities. Join in the fun.

Re: New to the hotspot!

Deal Expert

@Swandive1133  Welcome! I love that you see the game aspect of Ibotta. I agree it's like solving a puzzle that pays me. Finding this community has been a "game" 🤭 changer for me. Glad to meet you.

Re: New to the hotspot!

Deal Master


You mentioned Teammates.  Teammates was a long time function of Ibotta, but it really didn't work very well.  Ibotta decided to pull this feature from Ibotta this month.

However, you can still earn cash by referring new users of Ibotta.  Be sure to give them your referral code to get credit.  If they sign up without it, you won't get credit.